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The Legend Of Tatambani

  28th Dec 2017    Shubhi, Saranya

Today is the birth anniversary of not one but two dynamic business tycoons responsible for shaping the economic topography of India. To give you a hint, their names are synonymous with success and prosperity. Yes!.....

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Cryptocurrency Ban : The Second wave of Demonetization?

  17th Dec 2017    Meghana, Mahima

If one hasn’t heard of cryptocurrencies yet, then they might as well have been living under a rock. Probably the most disruptive technology on the block, cryptocurrencies have taken the financial sector by s.....

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Is Reliance Jio the new monopoly of telecom?

  10th Dec 2017    Shubhi, Shivani, Simran

“Dude, give me hotspot for a few minutes na, you have Jio.” “Don’t worry ma, this is my Jio SIM, there are no roaming charges.”

2017 is a year where almost every person who o.....

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