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Happy Holidays Entrepreneurs !

  20th May 2017    Nikita, Anshuman & Praneeth

Holidays have always been foreseen as the days of amusement, the days of relaxation but ‘an entrepreneur has no holidays’. When it comes to entrepreneurs, their attitude is morphed to bring the change rather than adapting to the existing ballgame. So how can they have their vacations just like the ones who have a ‘don’t care attitude’? How can they ......

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Come, Witness the Paradigm Shift - TEDxMNNIT

  23rd Mar 2017    Team

The only way that we can live is, if we grow. The only way that we can grow is if we change. Thus, it is obvious why the history of world is a history of change. But, not all changes in the history are the same. Sometimes, an earth-shattering change occurs pursued closely by a leap into a future of immenseness. These changes that become landmarks in ......

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Day 2 - Renaissance continued to enlighten all

  5th Mar 2017    Anshuman

After having a fantabulous start on its first day, the entrepreneurial summit of MNNIT continued to enlighten the entrepreneurs on its second day. Presented by Capgemini, powered by TEQIP II and in association with Dhyeya IAS, the third edition of Renaissance had distinguished dignitaries like Kishore Mandhyan, former deputy Director in the ......

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