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Is Reliance Jio the new monopoly of telecom?

  10th Dec 2017    Shubhi, Shivani, Simran

“Dude, give me hotspot for a few minutes na, you have Jio.” “Don’t worry ma, this is my Jio SIM, there are no roaming charges.”

2017 is a year where almost every person who o.....

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Startup Space Perspective : Drivezy

  4th Nov 2017    Zeeshan, Simran, Anshuman

Drivezy, the drive that started with an accident, accelerated by Google in the maiden batch of the Launchpad Accelerator program in 2016, and was boosted later by the renowned American seed accelerator, Y Combinat.....

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AI : The gasoline of information era

  24th Oct 2017    Hrithik

Is it a simple robot program which can act with predefined instructions? Or Is it a smart computer program which can take small decisions on its own? Will it replace jobs or moreover humans?

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