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Where do all the ideas go?

  16th Aug 2017    Hrithik

Startups have become a trend in colleges today, thanks to their popularization by government programs and initiatives. Why has it been often seen that many of the startup ideas that sprout up in colleges fail to see their first day in the market? ......

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"Don't loan for the dream, get an investment"

  5th Aug 2017    Zeeshan

A recent study showed that over 94% of new businesses fail during initial year of action. Failure in achieving funding turns out to be one of the most common reasons. The long and yet thrilling transformation from the idea to a revenue generating empire needs fuel named capital. That’s why, at almost every stage of business-building ......

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Happy Holidays Entrepreneurs !

  20th May 2017    Nikita, Anshuman & Praneeth

Holidays have always been foreseen as the days of amusement, the days of relaxation but ‘an entrepreneur has no holidays’. When it comes to entrepreneurs, their attitude is morphed to bring the change rather than adapting to the existing ballgame. So how can they have their vacations just like the ones who have a ‘don’t care attitude’? How can they ......

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