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This Dussehra: 10 ways entrepreneurship creating a better society

  30th Sep 2017    Yasharth

With the problems continuously escalating and the soaring inflation, our beloved nation, started preparations for the day that marked the victory of ‘Good’ over ‘Evil’. The day on which the.....

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Startup Space Perspective: Kratikal Tech

  26th Sep 2017    Nikita, Zeeshan, Anshuman

“Morning shows the day”, Such is the story of Kratikal; a company for which the seeds had been sown in MNNIT Allahabad from the first days of the founders in the college. It has not been long since the.....

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GST: Start-Up Ease & Economic Freedom

  23rd Aug 2017    Harshit

GST, a form of indirect tax that came into being in India on July 1, 2017, that promises to unify all the forms of indirect taxes under one banner. What is its principle of ‘ONE NATION-ONE TAX’?


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