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Cashless Economy - Benefits and Prospects

  30th Jan 2017    Nikita

In the present scenario, when the entire nation is debating Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s initiative to make India a cashless economy, there are still many who don’t even know what actually this thing is.
A cashless society is an economic state where the transactions do not require money in the form of physical notes, rather they are conducted ......

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Why Entrepreneurship?

  23rd Jan 2017    Kanishk, Ayush & Anshuman

People have always been the rats walking to the tunes of the pied piper and others following the trend. Ugh! That’s boring! Wanna try something new, something that moulds your world of envisioning to stark reality? BE AN ENTREPRENEUR!!.
Why would one want to be an entrepreneur? Umm.. to make a change in the world, and make some ......

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One Year of Start-Up India - What have we achieved?

  17th Jan 2017    Ayush

‘Start-up India’ has completed its first anniversary. How did it affect the startup ecosystem? How did it meet the expectations of the entrepreneurial world? What else is to be expected from the scheme in the coming year? Come, let's peek into the life of Start-up India, the flagship initiative of the Indian ......

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