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The Man Behind 'How I Braved Anu Aunty & Co-Founded a Million Dollar Company'

  24th Feb 2017    Simran

He isn't like any other entrepreneur you have seen or met. At first glance he looks just like a regular guy in his twenties, wearing canvas shoes and sporting messy hair, at ease with himself. But in fact, he is n.....

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The Hype Cycle - Predict Tech-Hype & Make Smart Decisions

  16th Feb 2017    Anshuman

Are you worried that the technology you are basing your Start-Up on may not give expected returns? Ever wondered how many more Start-Ups might be working on the same concept as you are? To give you an insight for .....

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Successful Indian Start-Ups - A Review

  9th Feb 2017    Nikita

‘How actually a startup begins?’, this might be the first question that strikes the mind of every enthusiast who has a fancy to have his own ways to earn. The answer to this question lies within you. I.....

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