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A Throwback to Renaissance '16

 12th Jan 2017    23:03    Anshuman 


"Brick by brick a castle is erected, drop by drop an ocean is formed
Thoughts put into action portrays an entrepreneur’s norm"

New Year, New Resolutions, New Ideas, New Scheme “Start-up India”, all set an ambience for a renaissance, that’s when the annual e-summit of MNNIT, Renaissance stepped into a venture for bringing out the latent talent from rooms of darkness to the palace of opportunities. The quintessential event which flagged its presence in 2016 was a mesmerizing sight to behold.

Renaissance 2016 created the environment needed to nurture, discuss and implement the ideas of students with on-the-spot consultation and workshop experience. The eminent speakers and entrepreneurs staged a path through their valuable experience, immense motivation and inspirational verdicts.

The plethora of events included Startup Pitch, E-Plan, E-talks, Panel Discussions, Workshops, quizzes, stall-mart, etc. They made it a splendid success and claimed its stature unsurpassed. The speakers who eulogised these events included prominent figures like Siddhant Bansali, Gary Dalal, JP Bhatt, Amit Sahu, Jitesh Dugar, Shikha Chaudhary, Rustam Sengupta, Abhilekh Agarwal.

Speakers at Renaissance '16

The summit commenced with a tribute to arguably the most creative entrepreneur of the last century, Steve Jobs. Panel discussions like “What does it take to be an entrepreneur?”, “Role of Innovation in startups”, “In a man’s world”, “Non-internet based startups” discussed the various challenges that could be faced on the entrepreneurial journey. The discussions were interleaved with E-talks delivered by seasoned entrepreneurs, sharing their inspiring stories that etched their implications in the minds of the audience. These talks enabled generation of abstract ideas

These talks enabled generation of abstract ideas levelling the track towards engaging workshops on “ABCs of Funding” and “Marketing Growth Hacks”. These workshops encouraged them to get their hands dirty, turning the abstracts to tangibles. These also availed valuable insights into the startup ecosystem for entrepreneurs-to-be where, various aspects of entrepreneurship like team building, team managing, marketing, securing funds, utilising funds, pitching ideas were illustrated.

Speaker at Renaissance '16

Motivation leads to experimentation, henceforth the galloping to showcase begins and there steps a procurer of opportunity, “Startup Pitch” for budding startups to pitch their ideas to investors and mentors for securing funds and receive mentorship. There was also a E-plan competition for students in which they could put forth their ideas across in a process similar to a startup pitch. The winners of this competition entered into the arena of entrepreneurs.

Moreover, Quizzes were conducted throughout the duration of the competition to test the knowledge on entrepreneurship and business related topics, which ensured a rich and entertaining flow of information throughout the duration of the event. Apart from the formal events, there were informal attractions to give a wholesome experience of the event. This included a stall-mart where students could setup stalls for entertainment services and make money for these services. This provided a hands-on marketing experience for the students. There was also a stage performance by the band UP-70 which was icing on the cake.

Renaissance '16 Audience

All these thoughts put into action brought a renaissance of Inspiration, Innovation, Implementation which are the 3 I’s of the entrepreneurial world. The indomitable courage to reach flinching heights leaping manifold failures is all that it takes to be an entrepreneur. The refulgence of the event resplendent with jamboree and bonhomie made it an inevitable odyssey abounding in ecstatic success.

"Lives of great men all remind us,
We can make our life sublime,
And departing, leave behind us,
Footprints on the sands of time"

With new zeal and energy for a powerful entrepreneurial package, we welcome all to Renaissance '17. So, mark your dates, March 4 and 5.