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AI : The gasoline of information era

 24th Oct 2017    21:21    Hrithik 


Is it a simple robot program which can act with predefined instructions? Or Is it a smart computer program which can take small decisions on its own? Will it replace jobs or moreover humans?

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Artificial Intelligence, AI in short, is a hot buzzword in the scientific and industrial world now-a-days. Its impacts on the changing technology are sharp and commendable. It works in the background, in the back offices of hospitals, where it's used to diagnose X-rays better than a human doctor; or in legal offices, where it's used to go through legal evidence better than a human Para-lawyer. It is used to fly planes as well - human pilots operate for seven to eight minutes, the rest of the time the AI works. And of course, in Netflix and Amazon, it plays in the backend, making those recommendations

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning these phrases are used almost interchangeably. Let’s have a look at each phrase briefly.

  • AI is an intelligent machine.
  • ML is the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Currently, ML is the most exciting application of AI.
  • Deep Learning is a specific ML technique.

AI is a technique of feeding of a lot of information in a computing machine or a robot or deliver it in a software to make it think as humans do, It is thus a way to produce intelligence artificially in a machine by basically introducing the type of codes which apply to a task and can continuously improve its working by learning from its own past activity. AI is thus all about dealing with a bunch of data and then doing the best by learning from the data so that working procedures become less cumbersome.

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If you play a video game, you're playing against an AI. But recently, Google taught their AI to actually learn how to play video games at superhuman level. Again, teaching video games was already done, but "this" learning how to play a video game is another step, where the AI found ways that a human would never use. That's artificial smartness which is being made smarter and smarter.

Many questions have been raised in general public since its inception and why not, it has made a huge impact on the country's fiscal. It has expedited the advancement of living standard of people, life seems to be transparent, more advanced and easier than it was erstwhile when power computers were used.

AI in Tech Giants

Thinking different is the engine of creation and wealth and new economy. We are using AI to basically make a second Industrial Revolution. The first Industrial Revolution was based on the fact that we invented something like artificial power.

AI can transform startups with an urge of bringing a change in lifestyle, product quality, Country's economy and many more. Some sufficiently glaring examples are: operation of driverless cars, Uber has been testing it on the various cities of US. Tesla and Google are not far behind either. Also, the visa scanning and fingerprinting machines are based on AI. Google has now shifted its focus from "Android First" to "AI First".

Source : Livemint

Escalating is the growths of AI, embroiled are the entrepreneurs. Even tech giants such as Google, Intel, Apple, Microsoft, and Twitter are seen investing huge amount of money to bring AI startups and their expertise in their domain.

It hasn’t been long that Google purchased DeepMind, Apple purchased VocalIQ (a natural language processing specialists), Microsoft bought machine learning powered keyboard SwiftKey and Twitter picked up Magic Pony.

Google’s DeepMind works on branding, defining visual communication, creating concepts, digital art, illustrations for games and projects, CGI and motion graphic and many more. Similarly, SwiftKey is a machine learning powered keyboard that makes mind reading technology which accurately predicts user’s ensuing word.

AI Impact in India

With the development happening all around the globe in sector of AI, Indian startups have come up with equal potential to prove that they are also in the race. These AI startups have covered all the major sectors whether it is banking, technology, medicine, education, or insurance. Here are few among them:

  • Haptik: - Haptik is India’s first personal assistant app which features artificial intelligence. It lets the users plan travel, pay bills, check-in for flights, book cabs, and set travel reminders through chatbot platform.
  • Netradyne: - Netradyne is a startup pioneering in next generation commercial driver technology. It focuses on edging artificial intelligence and deep learning to improve road and driver safety.
  • has created a personal AI driven analyst using AI and machine learning algorithms. This help business users make more informed decisions through data by delivering time-sensitive and mission-critical insights directly to their mobile devices.

Recently Flipkart is experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) techniques to help users find reviews that are relevant to them. Humorously what makes it difficult in the Indian context is there are a lot of grammatical errors. 'The camera is awsm', or, 'Camera accha nahi hai'. These types of reviews will be difficult to interpret. Still Flipkart aims to compile such insights in order to help customer experience.

When Deep Blue (Chess-playing computer developed by IBM) had beaten the world's best chess champion, people were afraid that it was the end of chess. But actually, today the best chess champion in the world isn't an AI, or a human. It's the team of a human and an AI; the best medical diagnostician is not a doctor, it's not an AI, and it’s the team. Which clearly indicates that in the coming future:

AI will make us Happier, Healthier More Productive and More Creative...

When there is downfall of technologies one after the other AI turns out to be most promising one. However, research is still to be done in field of AI and machine learning for a general-purpose AI. This has provided a pathway for the newbie along with the professionals to do some splendor tasks creating opportunities.

It’s time to explore. Are you ready??