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Believe. Become. Day 1 of Renaissance '17

 5th Mar 2017    00:18    Ayush & Zeeshan 


Capgemini presents Renaissance ‘17, the annual entrepreneurship summit of MNNIT, powered by TEQIP-II in association with Dhyeya IAS, was inaugurated on 4th March 2017. The event began with the opening notes of the esteemed guidance of Director, Prof. M.M. Gore and the Chief Guests, Founder and CEO HolidayIQ - Mr. Hari Nair and Mr. Deepak Goel, Founder and CEO, KarmaCircles. Prof. Gore emphasized on limiting negativity and amplifying positivity while starting an entrepreneurial venture. In the same way, the spirit of entrepreneurship in ancient India was highlighted by Prof. Anuj Jain, Coordinator, Design Innovation and Incubation Centre which promises to incubate at least 10 Start-ups from Allahabad annually.

The summit proceedings started with an E-talk by Mr Hari Nair CEO Holiday IQ who gave the students an enthusiastic session about travelling, Start-up and many more. He said, "Each place has a story and what we need is a storyteller." Talking about his life experience he said that he felt that if gotten the opportunity he would have started his journey being an entrepreneur rather than pursuing a desk job. He considers growth like a hockey stick which first decreases and then increases steeply. “I find India fascinating”, Hari said who longs to travel more and more. Now, that’s what a travel geek is! History, fashion, prominent simplicity and the list continues is all that allures him the most.

The session was further enhanced by Founder and CEO of KarmaCircles, Deepak Goel. He emphasized on ten lessons of life which included:

1. Pursue a career instead of job
2. Choosing peers carefully
3. Choosing mentors wisely
4. Abstaining from the fear of rejection
5. Helping others selflessly
6. The need to be socialised matters a lot
7. Procrastination is waste of time
8. Excel in one than being average in many
9. Enjoy the journey because you may never reach your destination
10. Pursue meaning instead of happiness.

Deepak's inspiring session was followed by an interactive discussion by Anupam Raghuvanshi, Director, T.I.M.E. and over 500 wanderlust participants. He spoke on the education system and said, “Happiness and degree may be a pathway to job but not to success, and the only key to life is happiness.”

Next was a mesmerising E-talk by Mr Anupam Raghuvanshi, who by sheer experience delivered his view onvthe pursuit of happiness. “The key to life and all its problems is happiness. The greatest purpose of life is to understand the purpose of life”, with these quotes, our third speaker adorned the stage and conjured the attention of the crowd. He further discussed the present condition of education in India being very clichéd with the people only focusing on the degree and not on the knowledge. “Degree can land you a job but it cannot give you joy and success”, he said. Happiness and passion are the two things that can do that. He further emphasised on the ultimate quest of human life which is all about ‘becoming’ something not ‘being’ something.

Similarly, a detailed talk was given on Social Entrepreneurship by Mr Ashutosh Kumar, Executive Director of Jagriti. “Building India through Enterprise” is motto of Jagriti Yatra wherein enterprises are the best way of bringing change. The six major points which he highlighted were: Laser Sharp Focus, Dream big by taking baby steps, Find a team even before an Idea and trust your team immensely, Invoke people around you in your dream, Get a good life partner and Take care of your health. He concluded his session by focusing on the importance of Regional Incubation Centres in promoting Entrepreneurship expressing his perception of IT industry and how he was inspired to join a not-for-profit organization.

Finally, the day concluded with a Panel Discussion on Marketing Strategies by Abhishek Verma, M.D. Saket Advertising and Mukund Gupta, Business Planner of Travel and Earn Advertisers. Their views and perspective were of immense pleasure for the audience and gave them food for thought. This discussion was an absolute honour to be held.

Overall, Day 1 of Renaissance '17 was an overwhelming experience for all.