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Day 2 - Renaissance continued to enlighten all

 5th Mar 2017    21:57    Anshuman 


After having a fantabulous start on its first day, the entrepreneurial summit of MNNIT continued to enlighten the entrepreneurs on its second day. Presented by Capgemini, powered by TEQIP II and in association with Dhyeya IAS, the third edition of Renaissance had distinguished dignitaries like Kishore Mandhyan, former deputy Director in the Cabinet of the Secretary General of the United Nations; Mr. Amajit Gupta, former director Microsoft India; and Salil Agarwal, co-founder Ziffy Homes; Mr. Rahul Veerwal, a motivational speaker.

The day began with a workshop on “Being Professional” by Mr. Rahul Veerwal, where attendees were trained on 8 key traits which included attitude, punctuality, appearance, dependability, respect, communication, organizational skills, and teamwork. The key points to observe in a group discussion were also discussed.

The workshop was followed by an E-talk by Prof. Kishore Mandhyan, who had a unique narrative through which he enumerated the cornerstones for entrepreneurship through 9 stories. The stories emphasised upon nine ideals which included:

1. Goal of life is to lead a beautiful life
2. Ideas should become objectives before they become a reality
3. Confidence from the support of parents is more important than technical training.
4. One should be the mirror and critic of one’s own actions
5. Risk-taking is important in every sphere of life
6. Humility reaps exquisite benefits in the long run
7. Thinking should be multidimensional
8. Sanctity of intention undoubtedly leads to goal
9. One should have determination and commitment for dreams.

Next in the list was the E-talk by Amajit Gupta, former Director of Microsoft and Managing Director, Juniper Networks. He pointed out that, “In this present situation, there is a perfect zero-gravity take off situation for young entrepreneurs,” citing the example of Uber which is “the largest taxi company without owning a single taxi.” He also emphasized to “prefer honour over success and uphold individual integrity.” He also advised the young entrepreneurs to pursue passion over excellence and respect diversity over uniformity. He also expressed that, “technology can never drive human life, whereas humanity does.”

In the post-lunch session, R.J. Nidhi had an interactive fun session with the attendees to boost their spirits and commend their mettle. This session was followed by an E-talk by Salil Agarwal, co-founder of Ziffy Homes. He had a highly interactive session where he encouraged both questions and answers from audience. He pointed out that entrepreneurs should be logical, analytical and then drive a perspective. He emphasises that, “Entrepreneurs need not draw parallel through other’s instincts,” and trust their own. According to him, “the most important skill for an entrepreneurship is selling-ability as they sell hope for good being.” He also expressed that VCs don’t value the institution from which one comes, they value one’s attitude.

The event concluded with a prize distribution ceremony for the winners of Biz-Quiz and E-Plan competitions.