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Happy Holidays Entrepreneurs !

 20th May 2017    12:03    Nikita, Anshuman & Praneeth 


Holidays have always been foreseen as the days of amusement, the days of relaxation but ‘an entrepreneur has no holidays’. When it comes to entrepreneurs, their attitude is morphed to bring the change rather than adapting to the existing ballgame. So how can they have their vacations just like the ones who have a ‘don’t care attitude’? How can they just let the days pass without being stimulated to live their dreams?

How should an entrepreneur spend his holidays?

Well, the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffet loves to read. When asked about his secret of success, he quoted, “I read 500 pages a week. That’s how knowledge works. It builds like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it”. And he’s not the only one. The list also encompasses entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and many more. Certainly, entrepreneurs should be spending an ample fraction of their time reading books from varied backdrops during the vacations.


But of course there may be many who will be like, “ much of reading stuff? It’s boring!!”. But, wait, it doesn’t have to be. You can travel.

Travelling has been more of a learning curve for centuries. You not only enjoy the adventure, but you get to know different people. Travelling around increases ones social interaction and outlook, which is a must when you are going to be an entrepreneur. It helps in building a bond of trust which will surely boost up your business. The best part is, it will never exhaust you; you get a relaxation. And yes, a serendipitous contact is no less than a boon for a start-up in its embryonic stage.

Or do you want something that could be light on your wallet? Or do you want something that you could do from the coziness of your room without wandering in the scorching heat in unknown places? What if you could read as well as meet new entrepreneurs? Such a platform is provided by the Startup India Learning Program.

                              (Image: Startup India Learning Program)

Yes, Startup India Learning Program is a free online course that aims to provide training in entrepreneurship. The programme was developed by an Ed-tech startup Upgrad under the aegis of Startup India Initiative and Invest India and launched on the first anniversary of Startup India.

The programme has an estimated time-span of 4 weeks, with about 48 hours of online videos divided across modules that let one explore and gain clarity in the different concepts needed to begin one’s own entrepreneurial journey. The course also includes quizzes and compulsory mentoring sessions. A startup-library is also included as an additional resource module which comprises entrepreneur interviews. The 6 learning modules included in the course structure provide learning in:

1. Idea identification and assessment
2. Building a legal foundation
3. Understanding Financial Basics
4. Introduction to Business Planning
5. Fund Raising and Valuation
6. Pitching and Termsheet

A discussion forum is also provided for discussion among the peers who are at various stages of their entrepreneurial journeys. Upgrad has also launched an app to avail the programme on the go which is a hurrah for travellers. The participants would also receive a certificate on completion of the course.

For people so unconventional and innovative as entrepreneurs, a single fixed vacation plan may not work. However, prudent as their kind is, they are expected to have ample fun during their vacations. And what to say, when some entrepreneurs have made holidaying their business. So no matter what we believe, how an entrepreneur should spend a vacation, they will always turn up surprising us.

So, when are you going to take a break to surprise us?