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This Dussehra: 10 ways entrepreneurship creating a better society

 30th Sep 2017    22:00    Yasharth 


With the problems continuously escalating and the soaring inflation, our beloved nation, started preparations for the day that marked the victory of ‘Good’ over ‘Evil’. The day on which the vices perished and the virtues prevailed. The day none other than Dussehra, which is celebrated with great fervor throughout the nation. And before the nation gets over with its preparations for the auspicious day, an important question needs to be asked.

A question whose solution is very important for gauging the efforts and actions of the very denizens of this nation. And that question is,



It is not surprising to notice that the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing and that too at a very tremendous rate. The rate of unemployment is increasing at an alarming rate. The Per Capita income is decreasing and Inflation still poses a severe threat. The Nation is also faced with several emotional problems as well. The youth is constantly in a conflict with the time-old meaningless traditions as a result of which the harmony of the nation is being disturbed. With this, we all would come to the consensus that the major problems of the nation still remain and that there is a need to back the policies of the Government of India with several other effective alternatives for the rapid and effective eradication of these problems. And one such alternative is Entrepreneurship.

In the words of Ralph Nader, “The Function of leadership is to produce more leaders, not more followers.” Entrepreneurship does exactly that. It makes a person become a leader rather than a follower. The importance of a leader lays in the fact that he instils in the general people the ability to think out of the box. He makes others reason out things and take the best course of action. Under the influence of a leader or due to the responsibility of being a leader, a person inculcates the virtues of patience, hard work and there comes a sense of emotional stability in him. This Emotional stability of the individuals is the real arsenal of a nation, as an individual is the smallest unit of a nation and his strength determines the strength of the entire nation. Entrepreneurship gives such conducive atmosphere in which leadership and hence emotional stability is developed. Therefore, Entrepreneurship, by providing emotional stability, solves the several emotional issues of an individual and hence liberates the nation from the evils of arsons, social tensions, and depression which are fatal for a nation.

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Entrepreneurship is also instrumental in bridging the gap between the rich and the poor, which is constantly widening in India. It increases the cash flow and plays an important role in increasing the GDP of a nation. The development of Entrepreneurship ventures leads to the growth of employment opportunities and creates jobs for not only skilled labour but also unskilled labour.

Entrepreneurs analyze the problems of the society very closely and bring out their products to solve them. The Entrepreneurs, in their aim of developing a successful product for the market, provide solutions to some of the major problems of the industry.

The best example is of Amazon which provides for the exposure of products from the remotest corners of the country. Just as Dussehra marks the beginning of a new era of prosperity and well-being in the same manner Entrepreneurship brings the onset of a new industrial and commercial era which improves the lifestyle of people.

According to the great US President, Franklin D Roosevelt, “All you have to fear is fear itself.” Indeed, fear is the greatest enemy of a person and it definitely needs to be conquered if we are to fly high. An Entrepreneur does precisely that. He conquers his fear and soars to great heights. Reid Hoffman rightly said, “An Entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down.

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To sum up 'entrepreneurship' with the festive spirit of Dussehra, let’s take a look at:

10 ways how entrepreneurship is creating a better society:

Unemployment is solved by Entrepreneurship by Job Creation. The generation of job seekers is converted to job creators when they dive into the sea of entrepreneurship the path that is not taken is explored and thus showing the path to those who seek.

Upliftment of the weaker sections Entrepreneurial ventures leads to the establishment of industries and markets in the various areas creating job opportunities for the people living there and also provides employment to them, providing them economic opportunity.

Bridging the gap between the Rich and Poor by distribution of cash flow and market shares along with advanced distribution of power from the conventional industrialists to the fresh and ignited minds throughout the nation catering to the economic needs of section of society which were often overlooked.

Improvement of the Work Environment is achieved through Entrepreneurship as it gives the people the opportunity to do the work which they like thereby improving the work efficiency and environment. Contrary to the social belief it creates opportunities for people to pursue their dreams rather than working a 9-5 job.

Development of New Products it caters to the needs of people and the environment in a problem-solving approach, by the creation of new and advanced resources for the public. Entrepreneurship inculcates the art of trying something new and making business from it.

Improvement of the Standards of Living Entrepreneurship ensures that there is continuous growth and advancement in a person’s lifestyle whether they are on the receiving end or not. It enhances their experience by multi featured services which used to be a luxury before.

Emotional Stability by enabling a person to take all the risks for his dream irrespective of the worries of consequences As Jack Ma said “A wrong decision is still better than no decision”. A true entrepreneur is made emotionally stable by facing constructive criticism along with much needed rejection and when the light of achievement shines upon them the satisfaction cannot be expressed in words.

Impetus to think The ability to think is really important as it enables a person to find way in the toughest of situation an Entrepreneurial spirit ignites the person to think and execute Many issues of the society are resolved by great thinkers which in today’s world are referred as Entrepreneurs.

Fulfilment of needs is done by Entrepreneurship is done which is of utmost importance in the modern globalised world. The needs that are fulfilled are not specific to the well to do society, Entrepreneurship ensures mass appeal and thus their area of concern is extremely wide.

Establishment of a fearless society is the ultimate aim of Entrepreneurship which it very aptly fulfils by realizing dreams. It is the path which is taken when passion overtakes fear and barriers of society, when the will to be something is much greater than the responsibility to be anything.

Indeed, Entrepreneurship is the key to the eradication of several evils present in this society. Celebrate the entrepreneur within you this Dussehra.

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