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Why Entrepreneurship?

 23rd Jan 2017    22:02    Kanishk, Ayush & Anshuman 


People have always been the rats walking to the tunes of the pied piper and others following the trend. Ugh! That’s boring! Wanna try something new, something that moulds your world of envisioning to stark reality? BE AN ENTREPRENEUR!!

Perseverance with your Passion
Makes the world what you envision

Why would one want to be an entrepreneur? Umm.. to make a change in the world, and make some profit while doing it; maybe to make a fortune, earn a lot of name; maybe because the 8-5 work is boring; maybe because they want to pursue their passion; maybe because they don’t fit into the corporate structure with their unconventional thought process; maybe they want to be self-employed; maybe they want to keep learning, learn by doing; maybe they want to contribute to the pool of creative ideas that will shape the future. Yes! All these address the curious question: Why?

Entrepreneurship is, in its fundamental form, working towards the passion of having a business venture that realizes your vision for change in the world. This serves multiple purposes in the form of fulfilment of our passion, monetary benefits, recognition, self-satisfaction and also giving back to the community.

Entrepreneurship is the means that enables one to live their dream. Hence, the way of entrepreneurs is often an unconventional one, one which leads them to their unique dream. They have the freedom to explore and expand and hence, form a broader outlook of the world. This, in turn, helps them as well to get a better understanding of the world and hence generate better ideas for implementation of their vision. Their lives are not bound to the hamster wheel of monotony.

Entrepreneur solely works for his vision and thus is not bound to work a definite number of hours in a day. In fact, entrepreneurs tend to work more than the company employees. But, their work doesn’t burden them as they engage themselves with their passion, and this makes them give their full potential in their effort as opposed to the unwilling labour in companies. This is why entrepreneurs are self-employed.

An entrepreneurs sole aim is to give back to the system something that it has been lacking. This manifests itself in giving back to the community assets and opportunities that would help to enhance the lives of people. They recruit like-minded people to work with them towards their common cause, congregating the distributed goodwill in the community into a force capable of realizing the common cause.

This not only enables the entrepreneurs to make monetary gains but also realize their vision for the world by pursuing their passion. Through their enterprise, they earn a lot of respect and admiration in the community. Because of their expertise with hardships on the untrodden path, they are able to make practical decisions. This makes them sought after by the community for their creativity, managerial skills, risk-taking nature, resourcefulness, leadership and guidance. These virtues accumulated by the entrepreneurs also make them better equipped for the journey of life.

How many times have felt that we are cribbed into a world which is forced upon us by people, saying the world is the way it is? Being an entrepreneur gives us the freedom to take life in a much broader context, and not be directed on paths already set, but rather create our own paths. Paths that are newer and were needed for faster growth, growth that nourishes our vision. “

"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do” - Steve Jobs